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03-07-2013, 01:48 AM
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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post

Slow offensive center who is on the ice for a lot of goals against. Scores his fair share while playing with elite players, but happens to be on the ice for more goals against even with his gaudy EV strength numbers (that simply aren't that impressive when you balance the ledger).

Sorry. Raymond and Hansen won't open up ice for him like Vanek and Pominville can.

So here he'd be playing with lesser skilled forwards (who would play responsibly ie shelter his own responsibility) and end up nowhere near as effective.

Now before you say, that's AV and his systems fault, well I'll just say defensively responsible players win games in this league. It's no coincidence to me Buffalo's style has them picking in the top 4.

It sort of opens the eyes to why players in Rochester always have better numbers than the ones on the Canucks farm. But I watch the NHL and the guys that played in our system are much more dependable players. Yeah it would be awesome to have more offense, but not by virtue of playing less defense.

For those making a point to mention Kassian's poor defense. I don't see it. He's a much better defense player now than hodgson IMO. Where he is deficient is puck management and consistency. He's a year behind Hodgson in the NHL. He's still figuring out what he is (hodgson is too, but IMO he's more of a finished product or at least closer to that).

We already see Kassian is more versatile as well. Has played on all 4 forward lines at this point and has characteristics and skills that have allowed him to be effective in all those roles.

I don't think hodgson really improves this team at all right now. Creates a huge deficiency in other things.

Not to mention a lot of souls want luongo gone because he wants out. You guys blowing that horn (I know u haven't Y2k) better keep quiet when he is moved and we struggle.

It's become a cry baby fest on here with the hodgson this, Grabner that crap. Let's move on.

We're not even a half of a shortened season done and people are ready to acclaim Hodgson the next Steve Yzerman (albeit shorter, slower, and not as good).

With you on everything but the Luongo comment. Bolded the great points. Defense and versatility are what Kassian brings over Hodgson. If he matched production, it would be no contest.

@me2, where are you pulling your numbers from?

Also, I'm wondering with Hodgson's negative GF/GA ratio, where Kassian fits with his own? If Hodgson is projected to be on for 70 GF to 100GA, resulting in a -30 net result, how does Kassian stack up to that? If it's the same differential, aren't they both on for the same net "gain" despite Kassian's lower totals?

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