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03-07-2013, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Snazu View Post
I just realized that this was Kippers 2nd last season in his contract and remembered he signed one of those front loaded contracts and was wondering if anyone else is worried about this. Because next season he only makes $1.5mill. Do you think he's going to want to come back and play for that low of money or do you guys think he was always planning on this season being his last when he signed this contract?
There was a rumor that came out when he signed his contract that he wasn't going to play out the final year. It was just an extra year tacked on to reduce the cap hit as seen in this article.

Don't know if there's any veracity to it though, and even if there was, he could have changed his mind. If he feels he's still playing at a high enough level, he may decide to stick it out for a little while longer. Maybe he wants to win a Cup before he retires. Then again, he still goes back to Finland every summer. Maybe he'd rather play out his final years at home.

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