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03-07-2013, 03:21 AM
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Originally Posted by supert View Post
I am a Die hard Oilers fan . I love the skill they put together , but they are not scoring enough to make the playoffs . I have mention it before the Oilers need more grid and physical play and we need to trade a skill guy . Other Oilers fan jumped down my throat say skill trumps grit . I disagree . You need a balance . I will also say i think GMST is a joke he does nothing to improve our team . I do not want to see his smiling face again if we end up with a lottery pick .
Please help me fix my Oilers threw . Trade , UFA and drafts .
I post this under speculation because i am just thinking how to fix this once proud Team
OP, The growing pains you feel are normal for team development.
Most of the time you did well taking the best player available early on,
Now of course, they can't all be hits.
You've got some really nice prospect D around the corner.
Balance is important, it helps, but its not everything.
Chemistry more so, but it also is not everything.
Talent, IMO, is the single biggest factor, but even that is not enough all by itself.
Luck, timing, are all factors.

Another issue is getting the proper return.
Rangers and Oilers are complementary on paper, but have not made a major deal lately because the exact combo cannot be agreed upon.

to bottom line it, a big time deal that simultaneously hurts and helps could be done by both.

This is not do-able today because Staal got hurt, though a full recovery is expected. But for example....

Oilers need more D now, plus grit.
Rangers need righty complement for McD who can QB point + more snipers

Yakupov + J Schultz + Hemsky + Potter + Pitlick
Staal + Girardi + Stepan + Boyle + Michael St. Croix + Andrew Yogan

On paper, this can be shown to work and arguably is approximately balanced.
But many Ranger fans are too fixated on D to surrender even 1, let alone their balanced L-R pair of All Star backliners. And on your side, Schultz is viewed untouchable by most, though there is more open mindedness about moving Yakupov,

Analysis of the above btw...
Staal + Girardi are real solid D = your new 1st pair
Stepan established quality 2c w/upside, main thing he does you need is distribute the puckl which allows for more kick ass solid top 2 lines. Gagner goes to third line, makes more secondary scoring, and Brian Boyle provides hard work, 6'-7" size, shutdown defense. St. Croix (a speedy W) and Yogan (a taller C) have a track record of scoring.
You are losing some scoring, but you have enough firepower to spare,
Would have considered Horcoff as a sweetener instead of Hemsky, but Rangers can't take on expensive longer term contract.

for NY
suspect Schultz did not opt to come here initially not because of McD, but because of Torts and this crazy system that has tooooooooooo much blocking. I have no love for Torts and if it is an issue for JSchultz, then get rid of Torts sooner than later.

McDonagh - Schultz
MDZ - Stralman
Gilroy - Potter
Eminger reserve for this year, McIlrath hopefully next year

Yakupov - Richards - Gaborik
Kreider Hemsky Nash
Hagelin Miller Callahan
Powe Halpern Pyatt

Pitlick a nice C prospect w. speed, needs to develop more, but a decent project. Could be a 4th line C in 2ish years.

It is hoped Lindberg, Fast will surprise next year. If so, depending upon play, Richards an amnesty buy out early next year or end of year, cannot be traded due to cap recovery.

Hemsky now playing decent, not worth the $$. but that deal ends next year. Depending upon if Gaborik signs 3ish years for a little less, he stays or is dealt for assets, possibly helping add to D and C depth.

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