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03-07-2013, 02:24 AM
I love the Draft!!
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[QUOTE=InformTheMasses;61022489]I doubt you'll see any significant call-ups even if Boyes, Reasoner, Streit, Viz dealt away

You'll probably see something along these lines


(Strait inserted into lineup if and when he returns)


TO be honest, I really want as few rookies as possible on the team with Capuano as coach. That goes for next year as well, if he is back with the team. Capuano is not the coach to develop young players, rookies spend more time in the press box and stapled to the bench than they do on the ice.

I would rather any significant prospect, be it Strome, Nelson, nino, Donovan, Sundstrom or otherwise play in the AHL and get significant minutes. This 2 or 3 shifts a period and if you make a mistake, get scratched for 2 weeks nonsense has got to stop. But as long as Cappy is here, thats the way it will be for our rookies. No thank you.

And that goes before we start going into the conversation as to whether certian players are 'ready' to make the jump to the NHL.

Speaking as someone who has seen and attended a lot of Bridgeport games, and seen plenty of our other prospects play....As far as NHL 'ready contributors go, the list is a lot shorter than many posters on this board think.

The future is bright, but it's not as 'near' a future as some like to think.[/QUOA

And the bolded part really is a shame. If Garth is really going to continue to build through the draft and promote prospects without any huge deals or FA signings, then this team will be chock full of rookies or just young in general for the foreseeable future... With the right coach, rookies or just a young team in general doesn't have to be a recipe for another lottery pick. Do Marty Reasoner and Keith Aucoin make us better than Brock Nelson and Nino Niederreiter just because they are older?? Realistically, Strome, Nino, Nelson, Donovan and even Anders Lee will all be ready to challenge for a spot next year, and none of these guys will have been considered 'rushed', by next training camp. All will be at least 2 to 4 years removed from their draft years. This is hardly rushed, especially when 2 of the 5 were top-5 overall picks, two others are physically huge players that dominated top level NCAA teams and Donovan played two years of college hockey along with two years in the AHL since being drafted... So none of these guys were rushed, and if they all happen to legitimately ready and make the team next year, then so be it.. I wouldn't hold any of them back just to stagger them, as if that will make us any better.. Heck, if these kids are ready, all the more reason to be excited as an Islanders fan as opposed to watching holdover players such as Reasoner.. Anders Lee is the same age as Tavares, Donovan was drafted the same year as Hamonic. Nino and Strome were top-5 overall picks and will be 2 and 3 full years removed from their drafts respectively by training camp, if they are ready, then so be it......... Sprinkle in a few veterans, and young vets (such as Tavares, Grabner, Bailey, Moulson), and give these kids a shot if they are ready... Heck, these kids were drafted very high for a reason, and they have a size/skill package we haven't seen around here in ages..... Everyone seems so scared of playing too many rookies, but in limited time this year UNHERALDED rookies such as Cizikas, Hickey and Strait have been some of our best players........ All I'm saying is that playing a certain amount of rookies doesn't have to mean a losing season, especially when the alternative is the type of "D" level veterans the Islanders bring in.. Nino, Nelson, Lee, Donovan and Strome all make the team if they earn the spot and most importantly, put them in a position to succeed. Don't put Nino on the 4th line with no PP time and then ask, why isn't Nino scoring... Put the kids in a position to succeed!

If the goal is three lines that can score, here's my 2013/2014 Isles:

Moulson Tavares Nino or B.Nelson

A. Lee Strome Bailey or Okposo (preferably Bailey)

Grabner Neilsen or Martin
Ullstrom Cizikas or McDonald or J. Sundstrom

*** This team is bigger, more skilled and dynamic than any other Isles team in God knows how long..... We have about 8 guys that can legitimately play center or wing. With this lineup, there is no room for both Bailey and Okposo. I think the best of Bailey is yet to come and I've seen some really good things from him this year. I'd like to see Okposo go..... Nielsen doesn't have the offense to be our second line center, nor does he have the size/physicality to be our 3rd line center. Cizikas has shown he can fill the 3rd/4th line center role with some offense and much more physicality than Nielsen...... Our 3rd/4th line centers of the future are Cizikas, Nelson, Sundstrom, Lee and even Ullstrom if need be... Luckily, all these guys can play wing as well, but Nielsen is hanging on by a thread... Maybe keep Nielson around for one more year while Nelson, Strome, Sundstom and Cizikas mature..... if any of them flop, perhaps Nielsen stays, but I really don't see it.

I like that lineup alot, regardless of age.....

The defensive core is a little further away from being ready... Reinhart, Mayfield, Pedan, Pokka, Pelech and Russo, etc need 1-3 more years, but their long term projections are equally impressive... will be one heck of a blue line in a few years.... But for next year, pretty ugly without Lubo..... How about:

Hamonic Streit or Lubo (whichever of the 2 signs.. more likely to be Streit)

Strait Donovan

MacDonald Carkner

Hickey Finley

***** If we add anyone outside of the pipeline either at the deadline or in the off-season, I think it will be a legitimate top-4 D-man...

So the forward prospects start rolling in next year, unfortunately the defensive prospects need another 2-3 years.. ugh!! .. But when they come... look out!!

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