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03-07-2013, 03:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I definitely think the big problem for our PP is lack of ability to controll the puck under pressure.

PKing units overload extremely hard nowadays. They overload much harder 4 on 5 then you do 5 on 5. You wait for the right situation, put everything on one card to win the puck and clear it the length of the ice. The PP's that are successful are without any single doubt the PP's that you just can't overload on.

I actually think we do some good things on our PP. But they are deprived of any and all confidence because as soon as a pass is a little bit of or a player loose his concentration just a little bit, they are hit by a avalanch of PKers and they can't handle it. They just don't have that string of 2-3 passes they can execute when the PKers launch out on them.

Washington has a great PP this season. Lets say that Bäckström got the puck and a PK unit wants to overload on him a) he as a left shooter can swing the puck to right shooting D in Green who will swing the puck to a right shooter in AO and all of a sudden the two PKers putting pressure on Bäckström and Green are as far from the puck as they can be with 3-4 Cap players behind their back, or b), if the PKers take out Green, and he can't thread a pass throught the box to AO, he can himself skate up towards the blueline, Riberio takes his position as set up man along the boards, Green moves into AO's shooting position and AO goes to the net. Its impossible for a PK unit to take out all 4-5 standard options.

Philly get the same type of triangle as Washington have in AO(R)-Green(R)-Bäckström(L)*-Riberio(L) in Briere(R)-Timmonen(R)-Voracek/Schenn(L) with Giroux(R)* in more of a "joker" position. Pittsburg gets it of course in Neal(R)-Letang(R)-Crosby(L)-Malkin(L). ANA gets it in two units and STL in two units (Pitetrangelo(R)/Shattenkirk(R) in the Green/Letang/Timmon roles).

For us, what can Richards to if a PK unit put pressure on him? Next to him on the left, he got a left shooting D. On the right of him, he either has Gabby who is not good under pressure on the PP, who makes quite many errant passes and so forth, or Nash who also isn't a great playmaker nor that smooth under pressure.

That's just the problem we have. We become unsecure on the PP. We don't have that natrual escape route through a string of 2-3 passes when pressured. If something isn't executed prefectly, we can be pressured. The players we have on the ice have the sticks pointing in the wrong directinos and -- besides Richards -- aren't great at handling the puck under pressure on the PP.
Actually, I would say the biggest problem as of lately is zone penetration. We are horrendous entering the zone on the PP. We can move the puck alright if we can gain the zone and set up.

I think the big issue is mainly indecisiveness, and lack of confidence in shooting from angles or up high..

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