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Originally Posted by scotchex View Post
The "real" soccer fans debate is just stupid. This is just the "No true Scotsman" fallacy.
And the "glory hunter" insult is just meant to make the one hurling the insult feel better about themselves. Silly all the way round.

I will now demand that any non-American who ever wears a NY Yankees cap apologize and start rooting for the Toledo Mud Hens or Albuquerque Isotopes instead. Glory hunters!!11!!1

(The Sugar Land Skeeters would also be acceptable. Any team with a marketing budget is unacceptable and only proof you are a glory hunter -- a no good, no account hunter of glory!!!11!)
Originally Posted by gelu88 View Post
I don't think minor league hockey or basketball is a good analogy here.

MLS is the top division on this continent, and thus has marketing, media coverage and stadium experience that represent that.

A better analogy is European Hockey.

Who is a bigger hockey fan: A moscow-ite who gets up at odd hours to watch the Penguins or the one who has Spartak Season tickets?

I think the answer is clearly both. And obviously the KHL will do whatever it can to convert that Pens fan into a domestic league fan.
The question is not who is a bigger fan. The question is if someone lives in Spartak territory and ignores them in favor of the Penguins, can you call them a glory-hunter?

I say yes.

It's one thing if a person does not have a local team. If you live in Alaska, who am I to say you can't pick an English club to follow? If you like baseball or American football and you live in Europe, of course you can pick a team.

But if you're an American living in Portland, for example, and can't be bothered to check out the Timbers and instead profess an undying love of Barcelona, I have every right to call you out on that.

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