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03-07-2013, 04:48 AM
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Here's a secret that Nils might be interested in. I have actually been playing without restrictions on PS for a while now. I said before that I was initially banned then restricted (which are both true) but I got myself out of that and have been doing okay lately. I made a new FB account (still re-adding and reassessing who to add because of the personal and privacy policies I like having) and I kept this a secret because I fear people have become jealous and subconsciously hostile toward me over the years especially those who think I'm just a degen gambler who makes money undeservingly. So since I've been "unemployed", people have been nicer. It doesn't take much to tell people are taking a lot of joy in asking me "So what are you going to do now now that you can't play poker?".

I knew that only a few friends that I'm the closest to would actually care and feel bad in this situation as if they've also lost something and not just me but the amount of joy most of my friends are taking in my "unemployment" is too damn high. I can't blame them because they're frustrated with school, jobs or lack of careers and debts/finances but ya, it's nice to be able to draw a clear line down the center as to who cares and who I can stop worrying about.

The close friends that I have asks me how school is going and if I have a career set up from that while the previously hostile ones keep telling me one thing and it's become the catch phrase of this rude awakening.

"You should get a job at [insert minimum wage job]" despite the fact that I have 3/4 of a degree that will get me a job somewhere in the CJS that pays a decent ~$55,000+ a year.

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