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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
These types of deals obviously need some crystal-ball gazing. I think Ryan will continue to be the better player, and you believe Voracek will surpass him. That's fine. I believe that Voracek is playing over his head right now, so it's not an optimal time point to make a comparison.

I admit that putting the numbers side by side showed me Voracek's totals weren't as far off as I had thought. However, the age difference and contract situation are likewise pretty much a wash.
Ryan is nice player. He would help the Flyers a lot. But right now he is a luxury item so to speak. This team needs to rebuild the defense. My contention with Ryan is that it seems he wants to be a Flyers as much as the Flyers want him. So he more than likely will be coming here as a free agent in 2 1/2 years when his contract is up. Why waste the assets now as he is not the missing piece to a cup run. The Flyers would be able to get him at the end of next year when he has me year left on his contract at a reduced cost than now as well, so they should at least wait til the end of next year IMO.

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