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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Serious question: before the advent of the internet and next-gen consoles, did people care about backwards compatibility?
Eh this probably deserves a real answer since it sorta got brushed aside-

People didn't really care because the main gaming was done on PC's back then. Even in the mid to late 90s, PC was still the main audience, while little kids mainly played consoles. And really, kids don't care about backwards compatibility. All the main blabbering was about Ultima or Wing Commander...or anything from Orgin just pushing tech to insane levels. While that was going on the "casual" gaming scene was being blown away by Doom (people under 25 seem to forget - Doom was installed on more PC's than Windows. Bill Gates shot a press commercial/video of him "inside" Doom, to try and pitch to a larger market. It was literally more popular than the most popular OS) and such. Who was caring about console hardware back then... In all honesty - no one. They were toys for children and constantly mocked. Here is 3DFX's ad campaign in the mid 90s -

But to actually answer your question - SEGA, being innovative as **** (as usual), which is actually what constantly lead them to their pitfalls, was one of the leaders and pushers of backwards compatibility. The original MasterSystem games worked on the Genesis. The 32X worked on a Genesis, and the Sega CD also came with a Genesis hub/connection device.

Backwards compatibility just didn't do anything in the market place. Until Sony did it and threw a nifty marketing PR spin on it , pounded their chest a bunch, and turned it into a major purchase point, along with DVD, on the PS2. Pretty much the only reason the PS2 was able to strangle hold the market so fast.

So to answer your question - People didn't care. It was actually available and people still didn't give a ****. Until their Sony overlords in 2000 told them to care.

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