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03-07-2013, 05:53 AM
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Got to play with 4 Detroit Red Wings Alumni and DRW goal coach Jim Bedard. The funnest night in our adult rec league to date!

The deal is called "legendary linemates" sponsored by Bud Light and DRW. Basically we were at first tricked into believing we were being interviewed by the news, then an advertisement for the arena put on by BL(?). Turns out the entire set-up was fueled by the Wings and after some pre game interviews Maltby and Osgood walk in to the lockeroom to join our team!

Both teams had 2 alumni each (Chris Draper and Larry Murphy were with our opponents). The whole thing was surreal. As fast as 45 min running time passes, this was a complete blur. Playing against pros, a handful of spectators (usually there is 0 fans, you know what I'm saying), cameras and microphones all in the benches.. Both teams were laughing, cheering, etc on the same plays it was just complete hockey hilarity.

The alumni stayed for a good amount of time after the game and we met some of them at the bar for a last drink. The amount of low quality cell phone pictures taken was "legendary." But I thank those guys and the organization for making this happen. As stupid as it may sound lives were changed tonight. It was some type of strange acknowledgement for the small part we play in the culture of ice hockey. Tonight we were "stars". It felt special and the joy could not be contained!

Although apparently we were chosen by random to be highlighted I feel it is a gift to our manager/captain. He has shelled out almost 2 g to keep this leaking ship of a beer-league team afloat (which will be repaid) just for kicks, to not allow the team to die. He deserved the experience. The Wings alumni had a lot of fun also, for real. It proves to me that the biggest winners are who have the most fun. No matter what age or level of development it's the same game. You go hard and play as a team. Go after the puck yet also let the puck come to you. Hope no one is injured and have fun!

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