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Originally Posted by PensFan68 View Post
As a Pens fan, I'd take a shot if the price/situation was right. We shouldn't have cap issues next year, so we should be able to add him (unless RS is planning an offseason FA signing). He may be on the decline, but he also could excel with Sid or Geno (which could be said for anyone). He's on pace for around 20 goals in a shortened season.

As for the situation, only if we couldn't get anyone else and the asking price was low. I wouldn't pass on someone else to get Heatley, but if the time comes and we don't have a better option and we aren't giving up a top prospect I'd be all for it.

He isn't the type of player I think we need (physical with defensive ability) at all, but he could bump up our offense. Like I said, circumstances would just have to all align for me being ok with it, but I'd rather this than nothing.
Heatley would be eating up a BIG chunk of that cushion, enough so you really can't much more. The cap is coming down, so the cushion isn't as big as you think it will be. You don't resign Kennedy. You give Dupes and Cooke 1.3 to 1.5 each and see if they take it. They are valuable to the Pens. You don't have big decisions, but you have some valuable pieces to think about. We still need to add on the blueline, a physical veteran IMO as well. Unless the Wild are paying 3-3.5 million of that contract, its not worth the return. Heatley could be productive in Pittsburgh because he has skill. That said, he could be a huge bust as well - sort of like he has been for the Wild.

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