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03-07-2013, 06:54 AM
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Originally Posted by madinsomniac View Post
Let me be clear... I am a fan of hockey fights, but I know within 20 years it will be gone from the game. Liability and legal issues will finally catch up with the NHL. My guess will be that after someone accidentally dies during a fight (probably due to a heart condition or fluky hit to the head) some jerk politician will apply the rules that govern a state or province's pro fighting industry to the NHL and that will effectivly kill it in some areas... that or the NHL will get sued by a family member and knee jerk pull the plug on fighting.
How can you enact a law to ban fighting in the NHL when there are teams in 16 states, 1 district and 5 provinces? All of these would have to pass the same law...

The only way to ban fighting is for the NHL to do it. Granted there might be some pressure by politicians.

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