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Gagner, or both... get some size/physicality in the top six and the ability to win face-offs.

The Oilers get out shot and out chanced most games because they seldom have control of the puck, and when they do its usually an offensive zone re-entry (hope I have my hockey lingo right), which they seemingly more often than not fail at. If they won more face-offs they would control the puck more, and if they had more size and physicality, retrieving the puck in either zone - or even entering the zone - would be easier. Heck, even the fellows covering the games are seeing it and calling the Oilers on it.

After a few more years of seasoning this may no longer be the case, as Hall and Eberle and Yakupov and Nugent-Hopkins will not only be a little bigger and stronger, but they will be wiser and a little more seasoned as well. (I hope you like the play on words - seasoning/seasoned = hockey season - its as witty as I get before morning coffee ).

Hemsky has all-world talent, but, and I have been saying/seeing it for years, he is an enigma of a player and I am sure an enigma to play with. Gagner is a good player; bless his heart and drive. But despite all this and despite his points, I still don't see him as the 2C the Oilers need. Perhaps trade Hemsky and try Gagner at wing... personally, I would like to see both gone, Yakupov playing 2RW, and a better 2C and big and mean 2LW (or 1LW and try Hall on a line with Yakupov).

Its obviously much easier said than done - with a slight qualification, I imagine both Gagner's and Hemsky's values are quite high right now.

Trade away the enigma, and trade away Gagner - not because he isn't the sort of player 'we' should be wanting, but because - in his particular role - he is not the player 'we' are needing.

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