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03-07-2013, 07:52 AM
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I wouldn't be mad if we re-signed Antropov, but I really want to move in another direction from the parts and pieces we surround our "core" with. Antropov, Wellwood, Miettinen, Ponikarovsky/Tangradi (if he doesn't show more), etc. can all go as far as I am concerned.

As for Stastny, truck you do make a very good point in that he appears to have settled as a mid-50 point center. The optimist in me believes given his true talents as a playmaker, that he could be a great match for Kane, among others such as Ladd. I suppose I look at his first 3-4 seasons and think, "maybe he can find that level again".

With the right players, I do still feel Paul Stastny could hit the 70 point mark, 20 goals, 50 assists. Evander Kane could be the perfect LW for Paul Stastny.

If it were me, i'd personally rather deal Burmistrov than Little, if a deal could be made. I know Burmistrov has potentially a higher ceiling, but really, how much higher I am not sure. Burmistrov may become a 50 point player, we hope, where as Little already is, and still young. Little is versatile in that he can play center or wing, I personally really like Little on the wing, and could see a future for him here at wing, he can play more of a shooters game there and I think he's better when he is shooting the puck more rather than playing center and trying to be the playmaker.

Burmistrov for Stastny, is what I am hoping for. I would much rather keep Little over Burmistrov.

Kane - Stastny - Wheeler
Ladd - Jokinen - Little
UFA - Scheifele - UFA
Wright - Slater -

Sets the majority of our forward crop up nicely for next season. Fill out with a couple goal scoring top 9 wingers.

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