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03-07-2013, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by The Saurus View Post

No single player is worth 3+ first round picks, especially considering that the draft rules have changed.
Really? Unless we are talking top-10 picks, you have about a 50% chance of getting a legit NHL player with a first. So you are talking about 1-2 NHL players for a superstar.

Other than the teams that have been consistently bottom-5 (and even some of them), I think for the majority of teams you will find that if you look at any three-straight first round picks you would trade them for Tavares in a heartbeat.

Heck, the Isles have drafted top-6 three straight years, and I would probably trade Nino, Strome and Reinhart for a 22 year old ppg+ player signed to a reasonable deal for five years after this. And I like the Isles prospects.

So few picks turn into true stars or even above-average players, if you have a chance to get a true star you have to do it.

Yes, Toronto got burned by giving up two very high picks, both of which have developed very well so far. But the problem with the Kessel trade wasn't that he wasn't worth the price, the problem was Toronto was the wrong team to pay it. They didn't have a team in place around Kessel that would allow them to succeed. Adding a player like Tavares now would be the opposite (assuming they re-sign Kessel and Bozak long term).

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