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03-07-2013, 08:23 AM
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"true fan" debates are always entertaining. we're talking about club sports here. these are businesses, the only level of fandom that actually matters is how much money you're spending on your team.

anyone who turns consuming a product into some kind of contest is a sad person.

a club's favorite fans are it's sponsors. the players don't care about how much you sing at a game, they care about how many zeros are on their paycheck.

everyone has the right to spend their money where they please. and if that's simply buying cable to watch Barca instead of the local MLS team, who gives a ****? welcome to the free market, there are no rules here.

The Spanish League is a better product than the MLS, and you can't refute that, especially Barca and Real. Therefore it is in higher demand as a product.

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