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Originally Posted by me2 View Post
Wow. If I'm reading this right that's really mindblowing they are ignoring the natural cap recapture rules like that (ie ones were the the player is paid less than the cap hit and only using years where the salary is more than the cap hit. That makes no sense.

Imagine a scenario

5m 5m 10m 10m 7.5m 7.5m

after 4 years the player's wife gets sick and he retires to spend time with her figuring he has enough money.

that team has paid out 30m in cap and 30m in salary but gets 2.5m +2.5m in cap recapture penalties.
That's not correct. They would have no penalties. The cap recapture only occurs when in aggregate they paid out more money than the associated cap hit.

The blurb on capgeek referring to not receiving a negative credit is talking about, if in your above example the player retires after year 2. The team would have paid $5 per year in salary but had a $7.5 per year in cap hit. Thats a total of $5 million negative cap hit which they wouldn't receive credit for.

If this calculator is in fact correct, if the Preds trade Weber in 2018 (the year in which is salary starts to be below his cap hit) and then he subsequently retires with one year left on his contract, the Preds would have a cap hit of $32MM for that last year.....

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