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03-07-2013, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by ReimerForPM View Post
God, I hate these stupid knee-jerk reactions.

Without fighting, the Kaletas, Cookes, and Marchands would take over the game. That would be worse. Having dirty players play dirty without the risk of being accountable on the ice. And don't tell me that "suspensions or fines will take care of that". That is ********. It doesn't work.

One guy gets knocked out and this is what happens.... go watch soccer or baseball if you dont like fighting.
Players like Kaleta and Marchand (and pretty much every other pest) have been in multiple fights and they still play the game the same way that they always have. Clearly fights aren't keeping them accountable.

Matt Cooke didn't change his game until he started getting suspended for every little thing he did.

Suspensions do a better job of keeping players accountable than fighting.

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