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Originally Posted by knorthern knight View Post
One more question, and this appears to be the appropriate thread. Does the Jets' payment of part of Mark Scheifele's salary count against their cap hit?
  • His entry level salary is $1,594,167 for an 82-game season
  • He was only suited up for 3 games, before being sent back down to the juniors
  • However, he was on the roster for the team's first 10 games
  • He would draw $1,594,167 * 10 / 82 = $194,410.61. Not very many 19-year-olds see that type of money. And people were whing about "how badly the Jets were treating him".
To get back to the original question, would that count against the Jets' cap hit, and the NHLPA's percantage of HRR? I feel that cap hit should always equal salary paid, but there seem to be so many loopholes, that I take nothing for granted.
Tio answer your question yes it does. Well his cap hit does, not actual salary paid. Salary paid is rarely equal to cap hit. The associated cap hit of a player is his average salary over the length of his cotract not the actual salary he gets paid.

Some other problems with your understanding. The 1.5MM you quote as his salary is including bonuses which he wouldn;t have received. His actual salary is $950K. Also in the new CBA those bonuses aren't included in the cap hit.

Also I'm not 100% certain on this point, but I'm pretty sure salary paid is based on days on the roster not games. So if the season is 200 days in length for example, and he was on the roster for 20 days, 1/10 of his cap hit would go to the Jets and he would get paid 1/10 of his salary.

Players share of HRR is based on actual salary paid. Cap hit is not. A players cap hit could be much higher or lower than his actual salary. Also certain players dumped in the minors would have a cap hit associated with their contract but their salary would not count against the players share.

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