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Originally Posted by Vito_81 View Post
Something involving Stafford for Stastny would be fantastic.

Stastny would be a good fit here. I think his time has come and gone in Colorado. A fresh start in a fresh conference could wake him up.
Ugh, the Paul Stastny infatuation again. I thought we were over that last spring, but I guess not. Let's get rid of our overpaid $4m winger for an even more overpaid player at $6.6m! That's how we get better!

Originally Posted by Rhett4 View Post
This Stafford thing bugs me. After he scored 30 goals, I told everyone I knew that the Sabres needed to trade him ASAP. His value was through the roof, but anyone who looked closely (hopefully not an overeager GM) could see that a 30-goal season was an exception, not the rule for Drew. Those goals came in big, streaky bunches, including several hat tricks, and it was going to be impossible for a guy averaging around 20 to repeat that feat.

Instead of selling high, though, Regier resigns Staff to a big deal. Now, with his value in the dumps and his cap hit a warning flag to the league, Regier's shopping him. A guy that could have been used to net a top player or some serious blue chippers has been likely reduced to a single pick. Best case scenario is that somebody that also needs to move an overpriced body (Stastny) wants to take Stafford on as a reclamation project. And case scenario isn't that great. What a wasted asset.
I don't think the Sabres anticipated that he'd continue shooting 17.3% like he did in his breakout season. More likely, though, they saw a guy who could shoot between 10% and 12% over a large sample, and if he could get 200 SOG per season--which would be lower than his career SOG/game at that point--he could be a consistent 20-25 goal scorer.

Also, many people around here fail to realize that $4m per is the going rate for 2nd line wingers. You'll find some exceptions not on ELC's, but this is what they get paid when they have contract leverage. He produced to his contract last season; he hasn't yet done so this season.

Originally Posted by DJN21 View Post
trade stafford-sign Clarkson in the offseason-run a line of kaleta-ott-clarkson next year and watch the magic happen as we piss everyone else in the league off.
I'm sure an attractive free agent like Clarkson will be knocking down the door to come to a city like Buffalo and play for a team drafting in the top-5. Hockey Heaven and all, right?

Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
I can't imagine contenders would bother with Stafford. For starters, he's not a proven playoff performer. Plus he has two more years at 4mil left on his contract so he wouldn't be a rental. It makes more sense that he would get moved in a change of scenery type of hockey trade.
I think good teams will be after him if Regier is willing to sell low on him. I think the Pens would only be too happy to move something like Kennedy + 2nd for Stafford. He usually has pretty good advanced statistics, so I think some of the sharper GMs will try to buy low.

That said, I think Regier is going to want a price commensurate with a player who has scored 52 goals in the previous two seasons and is having some poor shooting luck this year. Other GMs are going to want to buy at a price commensurate with a player who has two goals in 24 games and is owed over $9m for the next 2 1/4 seasons. We'll see whose reality wins the negotiation, or if any deal is negotiated at all.

Originally Posted by dire wolf View Post
Stafford could easily be a 30+ goal guy in Pittsburgh. They are the logical choice by far. don't know if they would give up a good defender or D prospect, though. maybe

EDIT: I'm not a fan of picking up Stastny -- his drop in production scares me, as well as his cap hit. Also, I'll go against the grain and say that I like Ennis better at center. I think his defense is improving and will be adequate to justify keeping him there. He's much more creative on offense when he's in the middle running things. He's not a "sniper" as suggested earlier. He really is a lot like Briere
I think Pittsburgh makes a bunch of sense. I could also see the Islanders making a run at him to ensure they stay above the cap floor when they move guys like Visnovsky and Streit at the deadline. I'd like to see Stafford on Tavares' wing, as well. I'd like to see if Buffalo could put together a package to pry Nino out of Long Island.

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