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03-07-2013, 10:31 AM
The Brodin Effect
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Originally Posted by GORGO View Post
Not sure if you've noticed but THEY ARE "The big boy's".. It's not gonna matter what Class their in.. They'll dominate AA too starting in 2014, and AAA after that, once The MSHL decide's to water this Touney down even more (that's the real disgrace IMO) And i'm pretty sure The STA player's over the year's would disagree with you that any of their Championships were "fake".. IMO The Vannelli's have done a great job of building a powerful program you can't take away the fact they are very talented.
Nobody is denying the fact that they are very's just that we would prefer to see them face off against a Hill-Murray, Duluth East, Wayzata or Edina in the State Tourney instead of St Cloud Apollo. They've been playing below their competition level for far too long.

50-3 in shots last night, is that right?

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