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03-07-2013, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
That's what they said about Hudler But it is a valid point.
There are two distinct types of Wings fans. Those who like Hudler and those who dislike him.

Those who dislike him gave all credit for his 50 points last year to Z and Filppula. Even though Hudler himself had scored 57 previously in 08-09; again with Flippula at ES, but Flip was not nearly the offensive force then that he was in 11-12. Also disregarded was Hudler's "banishment" to the point on the power play; After trying Jakub Kindl briefly on the second unit and not liking the results, Babcock put Hudler on the right point of the second unit and kept him there most of the season - he only moved back up front a few games after the Quincey trade. It's likely he'd have had ~65-70 points (and 30-35 goals) if he had been playing forward on the PP all season.

If Calgary had picked up Brunner, Hudler would still be in Detroit; most Wings fans agree that although Samuelsson effectively took Hudler's money, Brunner was the actual replacement and the reason Holland/Babcock were willing to let him walk. I still don't agree with the move (Hudler makes only $1m more than Samuelsson, is a better player, and is entering his prime rather than exiting it).

So pick your player; either 1) small forward with generally average speed, an excellent set of offensive tools, great vision and hockey iq who has proven he can produce on his own; or 2) small forward with above-average speed and an excellent shot, and the knowledge and willingness to put it to good use, but whose production level in the NHL apart from a superstar is entirely unknown. We don't know if Brunner is like Hudler (sustainable offensive presence) or Leino (Hur, I'm playing next to a really great center! I must be great too, just look at my numbers!).

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