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Originally Posted by hitmen19 View Post
You might want to also check into the history class you are offering. The Canadian national team and the NHL allstars are not the same. When Canadian players play for the maple leaf, its with more patriotic will then when they play in a challenge cup exhibition series under the nhl logo.
I don't know, Larry Robinson, for example, sounded quite patriotic to me in the interview he gave during the 1979 Challenge Cup (G3, between periods 1 and 2). But maybe you know better how he or the other NHL All-Stars felt! Also, when you consider the comments by the Canadian broadcasters after the 6-0 blowout (e.g. Dick Irvin, jr: "We beat them in 1972 and 1976 and now they've beaten us"), it again sounded like they took it very seriously indeed.

But it's good that there are people in 2013 - who were not involved in any way - telling THE TRUTH that it meant absolutely nothing; just a little exhibition.

Not sure even myself, what to think about the Challenge Cup. However, I can say that there is not a single thing suggesting that it was treated like an All-Star game or anything close to it back then. Also, there was definitely a lot of the Canada vs USSR cold war thing involved; e.g. were Valery Kharlamov and Vladimir Golikov (possibly the best Soviet player in the first 2 games) injured purely by coinsidence? There was certainly no Clarke slash per se, but I still doubt it.
Plus it was better hockey than in 1972 (pace, passing, skating).

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