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07-24-2006, 09:47 PM
jukka ruskeeahde
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Hello Svetovy Poharu!

Here are the scores I've found:

Germany-Romania 4-2: sorry, no info on Romanian goals.

Switzerland-Norway: 13-2:
1-o Beat Redi
2-1 Bibi Torriani
3-1 Heini Lohrer
4-1 Bibi Torriani
5-1 Heini Lohrer
6-1 Hans Cattini
7-1 Bibi Torriani
8-1 Pic Cattini
9-1 Pic Cattini
10-2 Bibi Torriani
11-2 Pic Cattini
12-2 Heini Lohrer
13-2 Heini Lohrer
Norwegian goals:
Bordahl 1-1
Skalleberg 2-9

Poland-France 7-1:
Wolkowski 3, Przedpelski 2, two not known in my stats.

Hungary-Poland 4-0:
No goals scorers info in my stats.

Hungary-Switzerland 4-2:
1-1 Bibi Torriani
2-1 Pic Cattini
3-2 Bibi Torriani
4-2 A. Geromini
Hungarian goals:
0-1 Jeney
2-2 Jeney

Czechoslovakia-France 8-1:
French goal: not known in my stats (strange, I have French stats!)

Germany-Czechoslovakia 2-1:
German goal: not known in my stats.

Hungary-France 5-1:
French goal: Claret.

So, unfortunately not all scores found. Like you have noticed, my best stats are about Swiss games. Ok, I hope, this will help you at least a little.

All the best

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