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03-07-2013, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
It's not bare knuckle boxing, it's a hockey game.

My discomfort with this fight isn't with the result, in a vacuum, as if players getting knocked out is something that should be banned. The problem is that this was a staged fight was 26 seconds into the game, between two guys with less than a season's experience between them, in a game where there was no particular bad blood carrying over from previous matchups.

So... why are they fighting? There was no provocation, no purpose. Just two completely random players who have 5 points between the two of them, stopping the game to swap some punches while all the actual NHL hockey players stand around and watch. There was no momentum to shift, no incident to avenge, no justice to enforce. A guy got put on IR for absolutely no reason.

What are we supposed to say when an anti-fighting proponent shows this video and asks the question, "Is this really hockey, or just a sideshow"? It's a sideshow. That's exactly what it is. Pointless, and dangerous, and indefensible except as a UFC-level entertainment vehicle. No different from Vityaz or LNAH. It's a sham, and it's the reason that fighting is going to end up getting banned and guys like Cooke and Kaleta are going to take over the league.
It's cheap how the NHL condones staged fighting, seems they are pandering to the sort of fans who go to NASCAR hoping to see a crash. As for guys like Cooke and Kaleta flourishing if fighting is properly banned, those guys are playing right now aren't they?

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