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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Snake Eyes 3500

I have the matching 52* and actually the hybrid-iron set and really like them. I had a bunch of different clubs last year but was just overwhelmed by choices and options so I got the basic ones on clearance for $99. Since I'm not that great, I got a Sunday bag and usually play with the 3 and 5 hybrids and 7 and 9 irons along with the 52*. So the 60* will fit right in.

I haven't liked 56* wedges because they have so much bounce. I keep wanting to close the face to hit it off tighter lies. So I had been using a 52* and I'm pretty good with the chip and roll but I play on public courses with tiny greens and needed more loft to get the ball to stop. I saw the 60* yesterday on clearance and hit some balls off the (really forgiving) indoor mats, got them to go about 10-15 feet, one hop, and stop.

I actually read about a guy who uses two 56* wedges, one with high bounce for rough and sand, one with low bounce for tight lies. That sounds cool. I could probably do a 54-10 and 56-06 or 58-04. Someday when I'm rich and awesome at golf.

The rest of my bag is a Taylormade R580 10.5* driver and a Yes! Tracy 2 putter. I want to get a 15* 3 wood as well as, again, I can't hit the driver very straight yet. I bought all my clubs on clearance or used so I've only got about $225 in my whole set including the bag.

I'm a pretty good putter but my swing has a wicked slice that I'm going to work on. I picked up the Stack and Tilt books and DVD a couple weeks ago and if I can get those tee shots in the fairway I'll bring the handicap down quite a bit. Scrambling for bogey sucks but if I can get it near the green I'm not bad at getting up and down. So hopefully the 60* puts me closer to the pin as I'm pretty automatic within about 6'.
Welcome to the game then, it'll devour your life

I've played for about 10 years and can really sympathize with your slice problem, I had to struggle with it for the first 3 years before finally learning it. The cause of it seems different for every player, but for me at least it was as simple as shortening my backswing and starting the downswing with my shoulders, instead of my hands. Haven't had a slice problem since then, unless I get frustrated and forget to do those things. It actually started developing into a hook, but that's another story...

I've been a Ping man all my life, despite them probably being the hardest clubs to get here in Finland. Always have to order from abroad or buy when I'm visiting the States. I finally bought new irons last summer, the i20's, after having played for 5 years with old Ping ISI irons. Those were probably the best clubs I've ever used, durable as hell and felt like you could really hit the ball despite where it lay. But not really forgiving and very prone to slice if you hit them even slightly off (not a good combination with my earlier slice problem). The i20's feel very solid, but for some reason I can't get the same distance with the iron 3 and 4 that I could with the old clubs. But they are much more forgiving and the handicap took a nice hit after I became accustomed to them.

As wedges I use the Cleveland 588's, at first they felt a bit heavy but they give really nice control on the feel and distance of the shots. I've got a 50" and a 56", with the former being my all around club. When I started playing I only had a single wedge, so I learned to adjust the shot by opening and closing the club and angle. So that's why I've never really felt the need to carry more then 2 wedges, although some say you should have at least 4 these days. Matter of taste I guess.

Finally as a putter, I've got an old Odyssey Rossie. It looks worn as hell and has been in my bag since Day 1, but putting I guess is as psychological as it gets. If it feels good and you trust in it, then that should be enough.

I'm really more of a "feel" golfer then an equipment guy, I remember wandering once to some pro golf equipment forum, where they were comparing different clubs. I couldn't almost understand anything they were talking about, so many technical terms.

You should definitely get a 3 wood if you don't have one yet. Once you develop your drive and straighten the slice, you'll find yourself playing holes where your drive is too long now. That's when the 3-wood becomes valuable. Maybe it's just me, but I always feel like I can get a better control on the ball with the 3-wood in regards to fading or drawing it then with the driver, while still getting a longer distance then with the 3-iron. For maximum control I at least go with the 3-iron, but that's only needed in a couple of holes where you need to get the ball far, but accurate, like some 200m par 3's.

Plus there's the benefit of being able to hit it off the fairway also with the 3-wood, if you just take the time to learn it. Suddenly a lot of par 5's become possible eagle holes.

All this talk of golf is not helping my itch

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