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03-07-2013, 12:08 PM
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One thing that really boggles my mind right now, is how Kronwall turned his season around. And that happened after Nicklas Lidström visited at Detroit. I remember Kronwall was absolutely horrible at that game against the Ducks, when Lidström was watching the game with Homer at the Joe Louis Arena VIP-box.

Could Lidström have some conversation with Kronner after that? I really wonder because this turnaround has happen immediately after Kronwall's weakest game of the season. Lidström was there at February 15th and look these stats before and after:

First 14 games:

1+9=10, (0.71 points/game)
-9 (-0.64 minus/game)
20 shots, 19 missed shots (1.43 shots on goal/game, 48.7% missed)
11 minor penalties (0.79 pen/game)

Next 9 games after Lidström visit:

2+6=8 (0.89 points/game)
+6 (0.67 plus/game)
19 shots, 3 missed shots (2.11 shots on goal/game, only 13.6% missed!)
2 minor penalties (0.22 pen/game)

So more production, better defence, less penalties, he shoots less, but gets more more shots in the net, huge drop especially in missed shots and penalties. Not bad!
Very very "Lidström-like", selective shots, don't shoot in sake of shooting, shoot only when it's reasonable.

I really think our old Master Odin did some "blessing touch" before left back in Sweden and now the Apprentice is carrying the torch like he should do.

I don't know did he give some lucky amulet for Kronner or what, but after that he has been a different man. From that scary rookie, to a leading defenceman.

That "on-purpose-missed-shot-board-bounce" -goal against the Avs really impressed me. It was a sight of old Lidström on the point.

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