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03-07-2013, 11:21 AM
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So nothing today yet on Staal at all? I know there's a lot of good vibes going on in this thread from the news yesterday, but we still have almost no info to go on as to how long he may be out. And has there been any confirmation on the statement (in a post on previous page) that he had blood in the back of the eye? The post said that was normal, but it's not. Blood in the back of the eye means there is some pretty significant eye trauma. Sure, he could eventually be 100% and sure, that doesn't have to require surgery, but it most certainly means there is trauma directly to the eye, and it could quite possibly take a very long time to heal. Now granted, I'm ecstatic at the reports of him not having any permanent damage. That's what matters first and foremost. But that's the only info we've got right? But from what I've gathered so far we still don't know if he will be out only a matter of a few weeks or if this could drag on throughout the rest of the season and then some.

I'm just anxious I guess, as we all are. Figured we'd hear more by now is all. He was playing his best and was fired up. I'm just hoping he feels better and heals quickly and gets back on the ice where we need him, and this whole incident just goes away.

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