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03-07-2013, 11:34 AM
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I played for a few years as a young teen...I had a decent swing and could hit a driver 225 and straight, but my short game wasn't good. Took it back up last year.

Actually what got me back into it was finding a set of Ping Zing knockoffs, I always wanted Pings. I grew up in a nice suburb so my friends had expensive hand-me-downs from their dads. I do really like Ping clubs and if I had the cash would probably use them.

I had an Odyssey Rossie until last summer. Bought it as a kid but never got used to it. I don't like the insert on the face, feels weird. My first putter was a cheap knockoff of the old Ping style so I wanted to find one like that. Saw my Yes! on a used rack and it just felt great. It's just one piece of metal with milled grooves on the face, feels perfect, and however it is bent the alignment works for me. I've tried the putters with the two-ball alignment, the red dot, the big MOI weird looking ones, nothing feels right. So I have my putter and am happy

I have an old (I mean mid-90's) 3-wood with a steel shaft that I can hit pretty well, but I know I could probably get another 25+ yards out of a modern one. So I'll keep my eyes open.

With my slice, I think it's just trying to read about too many different swings and having played hockey so much. I try to crush the ball and come from over the top too much. So I'm working on taking the club back and in vs up. I have a pretty short backswing already and try to use more rotation/core as I want accuracy vs distance right now.

Last year I went from mid 50's on the par-35 executive by my house down to high 40's. Looking at those scores, I was usually making pars or bogeys except for 1-2 holes I'd completely screw up. If I can keep the ball in the fairway I'll start playing the 18-hole course and see how that goes.

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