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03-07-2013, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by The CyNick View Post
The proposed wildcard system is completely absurd. It doesn't make the chances of making the playoffs equal, it reduces the number of division playoff matches, and potentially creates travel headaches.

Two options that make sense. Keep it in division. Yes the east divisions will be at a disadvantage, but as many pointed out, it happened before with the patrick, and is only temporary till we get to 32 teams.

East has a play in. From a percentage chance of making the playoffs this is the most logical. teams 4 and 5 in each of the eastern divisions play a one game play in. it creates another destination viewing night for the nhl and its tv partners, and it balances the odds. Downside its you have to play one extra game. Eventually when we get to 32 teams, you have the play in for every division.
Completely agree with the bolded part. The rest, not so much.
First, it doesn't reduce the number of Division matchups, it simply has the potential to reduce maximum 1/4 of the matchups. And as for travel headaches, there's no way that they could be any where as severe as they currently are, because, with primarily Divisional matchups, the number of potential travel headaches will be significantly reduced.
Secondly, they can allow for the possibility of crossovers not continuing into the 2nd Round if they don't use a wildcard format and not permanently peg a wildcard team into another Division. Just use a top-8 format, with a minimum 3 teams per Division guaranteed a Playoff spot.

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