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03-07-2013, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by clmetsfan View Post
They said they'll know more when the swelling goes down. It's not surprising that it hasn't gone down yet.
Wow, did I really spell "hear" as "here"? (Ha mods, there's a use for it after all! hehehe)

As far as the swelling, that's more a cop out than anything imo. The eye can always be gently opened for an exam. And in fact an exam was done. Was there blood seen in the back of the eye? What else was observed during the exam? I mean great, they got enough of a look to determine there should be no permanent damage. But let's be real here, that isn't all their observations showed. That's simply the only macro detail of the exam they're releasing.

But I know my anxiety and need to know gets the better of me. I hate when someone else knows something and I don't...

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