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03-07-2013, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post
It has a lot to do with the recency effect than anything else. Thornton is playing poorly right now and Marleau is playing well. The reverse happened last season when Thornton was playing well and Marleau was playing poorly. I don't want either traded.
Has nothing to do with it. Has to do with what kind of system we think this team should be playing and which players suit that system. Marleau suits a system structured around speed and scoring on the rush, JT does not. I like JT too, but if I had to trade one it would be JT, without question.

Originally Posted by Bizz06 View Post
because god forbid he has one bad game.

you don't see Penguins fans wanting Crosby gone every time they lose and/or he goes without a point, do they?
Totally different players and totally different reasons. Thornton is not Crosby, and no one is doing what you said.

Originally Posted by superroyain10 View Post

Thornton has 10 points in the last 14 games...not too bad.
Thornton is an extremely talented player, there is no denying that. The point isn't about production, it's about what is best for this team long term. They certainly will not trade Thornton before the deadline, that isn't going to happen, but if the Sharks do blow this season as it appears they will some people are arguing for a rebuild, which is a perfectly valid argument. The point isn't that JT is the source of all of our problems (he absolutely is not, and neither is Marleau) the point is if we are rebuilding does it make sense to retain Thornton? No, I don't think it does.

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