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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post

With my slice, I think it's just trying to read about too many different swings and having played hockey so much. I try to crush the ball and come from over the top too much. So I'm working on taking the club back and in vs up. I have a pretty short backswing already and try to use more rotation/core as I want accuracy vs distance right now.

Last year I went from mid 50's on the par-35 executive by my house down to high 40's. Looking at those scores, I was usually making pars or bogeys except for 1-2 holes I'd completely screw up. If I can keep the ball in the fairway I'll start playing the 18-hole course and see how that goes.
Consistency is probably the hardest thing in golf. There were many times last season when I played the first (par 36) 9 holes of my local course to the high 30's, then I'd crash and burn with a high 40's on the back nine. It's really demoralizing when that happens and the higher level of play you expect from yourself, the more singular mistakes can ruin the score of an entire round. Perhaps that's why I enjoy match play more these days, you're still in the race even if you smack a drive OB.

I don't know if you've already tried it or if it's any use, but my local club has a lot of hockey players with the same issue (hit long as hell, but easily slice or hook) and a lot of them have improved their game with the old towel in the armpit trick. Go to the range, stick a small towel or some other cloth between your right arm and body (if right-handed) and then hit the ball without the cloth falling away. That way you won't open your arm and will be forced to hit the ball inside-out instead of outside-in from the top. It's an age old trick and probably you've seen it, but at least here it seems to work.

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