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Originally Posted by Jaykay View Post
LaValle is a good player no doubt, but metro player of the year is very debatable, typical Hill bias from the Pioneer Press. Watching them at sections I thought Slattery was playing better than LaValle. Slattery is very fun player to watch and is a guy to keep an eye on this weekend.
He was East-Metro player of the year. PP has gone so weird over the years I don't even know how they break their stuff down anymore. Two players on their \All East-Metro team were from WI, for the first time ever. PP is just getting so much more weirder and weirder over the years but they are all I have to go to for local news really.

Originally Posted by llamapalooza View Post
I've never understood why you'd put your kid in private school in Minnesota. I get why people do that in places like California but the public schools are so good here...maybe even better than the privates if you're in the right district. Private schools in MN always struck me as something you do less for quality reasons and more for religious reasons or because you're rich and want your kid to mingle with other rich kids.
I've heard our public schools are some of the best, state-wise, in the entire country. Of course it depends on district/school, as pointed out above.

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