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Originally Posted by cam042686 View Post
Those are very interesting thoughts! Thanks for posting them.

Craig Wallace
I enjoyed your post as well and the HF community opinions are very interesting.

I spent many years in the fightsport world, and when NHL fights are likened to boxing or UFC and other productions I think it's important to remember that the hockey fights are FAR less regulated. In any respectable production fighters wear regulation gloves inspected and signed by an official before they step into the ring, which is a padded surface surrounded by stretched ropes. There are weight classes. Certain (eg rabbit to the back of the head) punches are forbidden, the referee is a pro w/ fights, I could go on.

Hockey fights scare me because of the randomness, you have no vetting of fighters, physicals or whatever, boards and skates, equipment flying around, and of course -- bare fists and a sheet of ice! Maybe fighters are not planted but it's just a haymaker that catches a guy going the other way and lights out, the fall randomly determining how the head hits the ice, it makes me shudder.

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