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Originally Posted by Out East View Post
This is not about technique or right and wrong. Hits from behind toward the boards need to be banned pure and simple. Ban them. Automatic suspension for first offense and more severe penalties after. The players will adjust to any rule the league puts in place. I'm a redneck and grew up on a farm doing crazier stuff than most people will ever do. We jumped cars, rolled them, skiied behind a snowmobile like water skiing etc... I love a good hit in hockey and I know sometimes people will get hurt no matter the rules but hits from behind into the boards should never be permitted. It needs to leave our thought process that there is such thing as a clean hit from behind and don't give me the gears about it isn't fair, how will defensemen defend etc... The rules are the same for both teams so get it done Gary unless you want to get out on the ice and experience a hit from behind for yourself... Yeah I didn't think so...
I'm not disagreeing with you that hits like that should be banned, although you can't prevent something like that just because it's banned. We all know hockey happens fast and for guys with mean streaks, "banning" doesn't mean much.

After re-re-re-re-re-watching the clip, defeinitely Schnyder was way too agressive - more the reason not to make yourself so vulnerable by essentially giving up all balance in your body should the player be bigger than yourself and push you past your resistance point.

One thing we've learned - players don't adjust! Look at the Bruins and tell me about bans, infractions, whatever. Forget them. The leafs! Forget them! Taylor Swift...err Hall! It would simply be a PR move.

It was OT in that game and I bet Schnyder's coach wanted him to get that puck. If he had stopped and just bear hugged Keller, it would have been the weirdest play. Problem is that he hit him too hard and, again as we've been saying, if the guy went to the boards, (not saying the onus is on him, just wishing he had done that!), less impact and the angle of falling into the boards - well, he wouldn't have fallen INTO them. I just don't know what the ban would be on. We already have a no hitting from behind policy. Imagine that resulted in permanent exodus from the league. There would be half the number of players in the NHL today. It's a lot to do about protecting yourself against a dirty hitter.

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