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03-07-2013, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by major major View Post
1. There is a serious problem. The Oilers have been getting outplayed even more this year than in previous years, and the biggest reason is their inability to win/maintain possession in puck battles. All 4 lines.

2. The problem is not just youth. Its also imbalance. They need stronger puck battlers in the top six; Eberle and Nuge won't grow into it.

3. Ryan Clowe is only part of the solution, as he doesn't score much anymore and is at best a middle sixer. A gritty top line scorer would be a huge improvement.

4. Who to move, besides Hemsky?

Yakupov is amazingly skilled. Insane shot. But he is less valuable to the Oilers than to many other teams around the league, who would pay a huge amount to acquire him.

The #1 is a huge asset, and potentially very high in a good draft, but the Oilers have so much youth its getting bad for their youth. The pick is worth more to another team.

Trading either Yakupov or the pick would return huge value, and purchase the top line grit and defensive improvements to make the Oilers instantly a much better team.
Nuge is a gritty player this year he will definately grow into it.
This year hes a scrawny 185 pound kid whos 6'1, in a few years he will hit the 200 pound mark like Gagner has this year. RNH has more blocked shots than J.Schultz, Potter, Whitney and Peckham, and leads our forwards in blocked shots. He's also 4th amongst forwards in hits, in a close race. All this with barely any PM. The guy can play, and he will take the puck away from you more than he will give it away. When you throw in his natural offensive talent, its just a no-brainer.

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