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Originally Posted by IslesZoso View Post
If you could choose only one of these 3 activities as it might relate to hockey fitness, which one would it be and why?
It depends on your goals.

I'm more of a general fitness guy seeing as how I only play hockey 2-3 times a month, so I'm not exactly training with the intent of improving my game... although being in generally better shape always seems to have a positive effect on my game.

Distance biking isn't the best for hockey, but a spinning class will challenge both your aerobic and anerobic capacity in an effective way. Running isn't bad, especially if you're doing intervals/sprints/suicides. It's not something I do anymore because it's too hard on my knees. Swimming is a good for all-around fitness but it doesn't do anything specific for hockey.

A good training program will never say "choose one". A good training program will say "choose one of these for 3-4 weeks and then do something different". Periodization is fundamental to overall fitness, especially if you are training for a sport.

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