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03-07-2013, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Umm parting ways with Gaborik is inevitable due to salary cap concerns..... Nash is youner, less injury prone, and has the longer contract. We can't afford to have so much cap spaced tied up in 3 forwards and still pay the rest of our promising young players and established core guys. If you look at the Rangers contract situation we have A LOT of key players who will be needing new contracts over the next 2 seasons.... Whether we keep Gaborik for one more season or not, I think it's inevitable that he's a cap casualty and the Rangers will not be in a position to re-sign him (they might not even want to).

Gaborik is simply not a consistent nor reliable playoff performer and I'm not sure how anyone could suggest otherwise.... He doesn't elevate his game when you need to rely on him the most. Scoring hat tricks and multi-goal games in the regular season does not lessen my concerns about his ability to perform and deliver in the post-season...
This to the nth degree.

Gaborik is a great scorer and finisher yes. HOWEVER, the streaky work is not ideal. He can put in so many when he's up to it, but sometimes he DOES seem disinterested, and at times plays like garbage. Other times, he's stellar. While he scores many goals and points, more than Nash, Nash makes players around him better. This is much more valuable. Think of it like a Crosby-Ovechkin thing, where Nash is Crosby and Gaborik is Ovechkin. Great scorer and playmaker who helps teammates with nice passes (Hagelin for Nash) and vice versa. Then, you have the big powerful sniper, who doesn't necessarily make the teamates better, but pots goals a lot when they're up to it and it gives the other players assists because of that elite finishing touch. That's how I've always seen it.

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