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03-07-2013, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Damn Skippy View Post
There was no ad hominem either. Rough day, huh?

Yeah, like I said, I wasn't responding to your argument with my original comment. And as you simultaneously point out and miss, a person determines his own criteria for entertainment. If someone thinks that to be entertaining a team must be the best at everything, then that's true.

Unless you can point to a post where Dirk accuses people of lying about being entertained?
Ah. Then the comment about me checking box scores, when I wasn't checking box scores, was actually pertinent in some manner as to the actual discussion and not an irrelevant commentary on me rather than my argument. My mistake.

Well, if there can indeed be a binary situation like that, why were you complaining about a false dilemma in the first place? I know people who don't like a lot of hitting/fighting in hockey, so your initial post indicating hockey IS more exciting with it is just as incorrect as the position that you were responding to.

I'm done. Go snark at someone else.

If anyone else would actually like to answer my question as to why the team isn't entertaining, I'm still honestly waiting for an answer.

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