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03-07-2013, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by RonSwanson View Post
Why do you assume I'm trolling you?

I'm just stating my opinion, that I think diving and embellishment are separate. One I have no respect for, while the other one I see as having value in getting refs to make the correct calls.

You are welcome you disagree.
I am not assuming anything, read my post carefully. I am questioning what you hope to accomplish here, in a Stars GDT. If you want to convince us that Brown is not a diver, you will have better luck getting chickens to love KFC (or convincing us that Taco Cabana commercials are actually great).

If you think there is some difference between diving and embellishment, that is fine and feel free to go to a thread where that is the subject.

Brown is a player who does all kinds of tough guy stuff, like racking up tons of hits and killing penalties, and is also the captain of his team. Yet he also constantly tries to deceive the referee and get an advantage for his team that doesn't come from just playing honest hockey. Most players pick one side of the skill/tough guy dichotomy and stick to it; Brown hits but doesn't fight and dives all over the place.

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