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03-07-2013, 03:16 PM
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Don't Lose at the Madhouse

Laying the streak aside for a second... what will it take to lock up home ice?

We were 11-0-1 at the Madhouse during the 1st half, so let's say we do that again...

That gives us 23 more points, or 68 on the year.

At some point Anaheim will cool off, but let's say they continue on their 1.59 points per game pace... that gives them a 76.36 total for the season. Our goal, then, is to set our sights on 77 points.

What will it take on the road to get to 77 if we go 11-0-1 at home?

3-6-3. That's 9 more points, or 77 on the year.

11-0-1 at home, 3-6-3 on the road.


9-0-3 at home, 4-5-3 on the road.

Don't lose at the Madhouse, and home ice is ours. It's as easy as that.

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