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03-07-2013, 03:16 PM
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It's very obvious that the backchecking is not where it needs to be. I remember the d-men having the opportunity last year to slow down the breakout before they even made it halfway through the neutral zone and then a forward ALREADY being on the puck carrier. That isn't the case at all, it's a lot of dump and chase using the new interference calls against the D.

Now I have a theory question about that situation. Clearly in what has been seen this year so far, our d-men are being very passive about forcing opposing players to the boards at the neutral zone. I know that if they dump it the defenders have maybe a half second to hit them if they are already in a position for that. Why not just try to force the play to the boards earlier, or if that doesn't work just completely hound after the puck immediately after a dump? From what I see now incoming forward is coming in on Polak(example) and dumps it past him, and Russell(example) goes after it behind the net and Polak seems to immediately go right in front of the goalie or assist Russell behind the net, what would the results be if Polak immediately skated hard to the puck or took out his man as the puck is being dumped?

Basically: gap closure

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