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03-07-2013, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
Shots on goal means crap. The issue that needs to be addressed is how many scoring chances are the Flyers giving up per game? If they're only giving up 25 shots per game, but the scoring chances are 15, that's far too many scoring chances. And that's the problem with the system right now. Yes, they don't give up a crazy amount of shots per game. The problem with the system is that the shots they do give up always lead to very high percentage scoring chances.

One of the things I notice about the Flyers is that in general, when they're in the defensive zone, they are a complete mess. They're often out of position or they're in some sort of mad scramble. The fact that they're so disorganized allows the opposition to set themselves up and create a high percentage scoring chance out of the situation. You don't need a lot of shots to create scoring chances when the team is giving up space and positioning. It's horrible watching how poor they play in the defensive zone. And Bryz certainly isn't helping right now, but it doesn't fall solely on him.

The team is failing because of three fundamental things - defensive awareness (when to transition to defense), defensive coverage (once again, when the team is in their end, it's a mad panic and they look completely lost) and limiting scoring chances (this is a team that regularly gives up 12 to 15 high percentage scoring plays a game - that's far too many for any team to surrender and expect their goaltender to bail them out).

Bryz is the least of our concerns. Put any goaltender back behind the Flyers and .903 save percentage would be considered a win.
Based on this:

Scoring chances are tied strongly to shot diferential, and shot quality is fairly minor in comparison.

Edit: Also, I disagree about any goalie suffering if plugged in here. THere are goaltenders who are on teams which are easily worse on defense than Philly, and they are putting up better numbers. Dubnyk, Varlamov, and Holtby (Barely) all come to mind. Miller as well...the Buffalo games I've watched, he and Vanek are basically the team.

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