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Originally Posted by FreddtFoyle View Post
Not sure why there is any confusion about the makeup of the pools and how seeding works.

The CIS regs are quite clear: The three conference winners are seeded 1, 2, 3 by the last Top 10 ranking. #1 seed is in one pool, #2 and #3 are in other. Hard and fast rule.

Since Alberta is unlikely to lose their #1 ranking, they'll be in one pool and the OUA and AUS winner will be in the other and they'll get the #2 and #3 seeding dependent on their ranking. Since teams from the same conference have to be separated (per CIS regs), we know that the AUS runner-up and OUA runner-up will be with Alberta while Saskatchewan will be with the AUS and OUA winners.

Since Sask as host gets to choose evening or afternoon, they'll take evenings like every host does. That means the AUS and OUA winners will also be playing in the evening. So of course Alberta and the other two teams are in the afternoon.

The CIS regs state that normally the top seeds in each pool will play the lowest seed in each pool on the first day. I guess this was designed to give the higher seed Friday off if they win Thursday, and thus avoid playing three games in three days. So we know Alberta is playing Thursday afternoon for sure, versus the lower seeded team between the AUS and OUA runner-ups (this the host committee can play with a bit, but they should look at rankings).

The evening pool is a little more interesting since the host team has the option of starting playing Thursday or Friday night. Sask says they're playing Thursday. If they follow the regs, that would mean they'd play the higher seed between the AUS winner and OUA winner.
Thanks for the clarification.

Sadly, unless playing at 10 PM Atlantic effects them, I have tickets for a non-Huskies game. I bought a pair for the Saturday night game assuming that the Huskies would likely be playing. I have a suspicion unless for some reason the schedule has the Huskies against the OUA first, it will likely see the Dogs lose. Then again, with Canada West being done already and the AUS still playing, the rest might help. Of course I am assuming that the final will be Alberta vs. UNB.

I've often wondered why the schedule can't simply be made ahead of time like the Memorial Cup is? If the Huskies are taking the late games, it would be simple since I believe it is a rule where both teams from a single conference can't be in the same pool. Instead of having a winner get a day off and the loser playing two in a row, you simply figure out the schedule.

Thursday: 1 PM Canada West vs. OUA
7 PM OUA vs. AUS

Friday: 1 PM OUA vs. AUS
7 PM Huskies (Host) vs. OUA

Saturday: 1 PM Canada West vs. AUS
8 PM Huskies (Host) vs. AUS

Sunday: Final

For a building like Credit Union Centre which won't likely sell out, this would help fans figure out which games they want to see. It also helps the out of town fans like our UNB contingent figure out which games they need to attend.

Honestly, this could always be the schedule and the seedings only matter as far as pool grouping goes. I'm just not a fan of using something arbitrary to schedule things. Then again, I guess it is hard to do it any other way. What makes me curious is why they put two conference champions in the same pool? Wouldn't it make sense to have all the odds in one pool and all the evens in the other?

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