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Originally Posted by IHaveNoCreativity View Post
What happenended in the CSL ?

... the league is facing serious issues with match fixing (their official position remains that the CBC was erroneous in their reports about the league)
in recent years it has been made quite clear that many clubs in the league are not meeting the standards that the CSA sets out for a division three league. There were plenty of reasons why the CSL could have been stripped of its sanctioning but the one that the CSA provided in their letter was that having ratified the recommendations of the Easton Report (also referred to as the Rethink Management Report) they would no longer be sanctioning the league.

The easton report is a very interesting document that everyone should read. Its pretty short, and outlines how pro soccer should look like for Canada to best develop its players and succeed on the world stage.

After going through all the options, with Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and benefits, they concluded that the best solution is to have 3-4 regional leagues that are linked by a common organizational framework, much like QMJHL, OHL and WHL are linked to form the CHL.

The current CSL could certainly become a part of that, but the structure was determined to simply be to rotten to work with. So the OSA is working on creating a new league called Ontario League One, which should be ready in 1 or 2 years

The PLSQ looks like a plausible idea but I'm not really familiar with the level of play.
If it gives you any idea the "Star" players include Impact players from the NASL days as well as others:

Eduardo Sebrango (FC L'Assomption)
Antonio Ribeiro (FC L'Assomption)
Frederico Moojen (FC L'Assomption)
Sandro Grande (Saint-Léonard FC)
Rocco Placentino (Saint-Léonard FC)
Simon Gatti (Saint-Léonard FC)
Hicham Aâboubou (Saint-Léonard FC)
Camilo Trujillo (FC Boisbriand)
Marvin Charles Omie (FC Boisbriand)

In addition to these guys the rest are some of the best young players from local leagues.

If this league can survive, I can imagine lots of Impact academy prospects coming in this way.

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