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03-07-2013, 03:59 PM
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1. One participant has his helmet and visor on, one participant's helmet has come off -- should refs immediately stop the fight?

No but visor guy should stop being a ***** and take it off

2. A huge fighter attacks a much smaller guy who is unwilling to fight and so uses his stick for self-defence. Who is more wrong here?

Both are in the wrong in some way. If the bigger guy is just randomly attacking the smaller guy he should get kicked out of the game. If the little guy has done something or has agitated the whole game and then crossed the line and wont man up but uses his stick like the dude in slap shot then he should be kicked out of the game and suspended

3. Will fighting still be condoned by the NHL in 5-10 years? If not what's most likely to end it?

Part of me says yes and part of me says no.

Hockey is part of the game and we are humans are natural violent. We are in fact animals, advanced animals, but we are animals. Players will still react with a fight if they see a team mate get demolished in a dirty play, a star player getting bullied or if 2 player just dont like each other.

However we are just now over these last few years doing research and looking into concussions. I think over the next few years it will be taken much more seriously. Goons may not be around but big tough guys who can play and fight if they have to will be.

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