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Originally Posted by B-rock View Post
Objectively speaking? No, it wasn't. To you I suppose, but you don't speak for me, or any of the other people that don't share your opinion -which by the looks of this thread is quite a few.

Booth absolutely has his shortcomings, but he's a good player to have in your top 6 because of all of the reasons others have mentioned in this thread. Namely he drives to the net and the puck ends up in the right end of the rink when he's on the ice.

7 games is a pretty ridiculous sample size to be basing your prognostications on. He could get a couple assists next game and a couple more points after that and be up to the same pace .5-.6 ppg pace he usually checks in at. Consider that he also just came back from injury and his timing is off.

People think that top 6 players just grow on trees and other GM's are chomping at the bit to get rid of them. Trading Samuelsson and Sturm for a guy who has put up a consistent amount of points, is big, fast, fearless, and hits, is hardly something to get upset about. I recall he started off last season with the same number of points per game. He's getting chances they'll start to go in.
In the cap age, people need to be compared to their cap hit. Booth at $4.25M is simply clearly not good value, which is confirmed by the fact that all we had to give up to get him for a couple of vets on expiring contracts - by definition, and from Florida's perspective, David Booth was a cap dump.

He was invisible for the majority of time last season, playoffs included. Not a lot got done. No chemistry with Kesler. Had a good week or two prior to getting injured, but he was far from remarkable.

And I really don't care whether he's big or fearless if he doesn't produce. What are your thoughts on Jay Bouwmeester? He's always on the ice, never misses a game, is one of the best skaters in the entire league, is 6'4", etc. And oh yeah, he's never played a playoff game in his life.

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