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03-07-2013, 05:11 PM
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this was probably the best situation for Colorado to be in for the long term. First off, they get a seven-team division so the chances of making the playoffs are 57% instead of 50%. The travel situation was never going to be good since Colorado is really on an island compared other franchises, but no more long trips to West Canada is a big plus and no 10PM division games is awesome. When it comes to the teams in the division:

-Chicago will likely win the division or be 2nd place for the next decade, which is a pain but every division has at least one heavyweight team.
-St. Louis is a good team overall, might not have the offensive horses to go deep but will likely challenge for the division lead consistently.
-Minnesota is really just an average team and has contracts that really handcuff their ability to build a better team.
-Dallas doesn't have much going forward besides Benn and have really overpaid a lot of their players. They're going to be the Flames in a few seasons.
-Nashville will likely be a playoff threat due to good management, but ultimately doesn't have the cash to build a contender.
-Winnipeg looks like a house of cards for the near future. Their only production comes from players that get relatively soft minutes, the rest of the team gets run over.

I think each season the top two seeds go to Chicago and St. Louis while the Avs compete against Minnesota and Nashville for the last two. Overall this was way better than the last proposed realignment, where Colorado was one of 8 teams along with the Pacific and Mountain West franchises. Really glad this is what will go forward.

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