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Originally Posted by MiamiScreamingEagles View Post
It is a good debate. My inclination is to say no to a jersey ceremony but an obvious yes to the team's Hall of Fame. Mark Howe was overwhelmingly the franchise's best defenseman and it was mainly his contributions with the Flyers that lifted him into the Hall of Fame. That isn't necessarily true with Recchi, his achievements were comprehensive and not limited to one team. The argument, too, that he is in the Hall of Fame is interesting but there are other Hall of Famers who played for the Flyers that do not have jerseys retired (Hawerchuk, A. Stanley, probably Pronger some day, etc.) so I would concentrate on what Recchi did as a Flyer: would those accomplishments have earned him a place in the Hall of Fame? My guess is no. Also, just one opinion, but Rick MacLeish accomplished more as a Flyer than Recchi -- he was the NHL's best offensive player for two consecutive playoffs and his absence from 1976 (along with Bernie Parent) possibly prevented a third straight win. He wasn't a Hall of Famer but he was, just an opinion, a more accomplished Flyer and his jersey is not retired. And no, that isn't a recommendation to have it honored in such a way.

Good argument... and by that argument I would venture to say that Propp would even be ahead of Rick... but I'd say the the HHoF is the X Factor... the factor that opened the door for Howe. Do you honor a player like that (besides Ashbee) who is not in the Hall?... And Rex is no Howerchuck or Pronger, etc. when it comes to time served... he has the greatest season of any Flyers point-wise and was a beacon on an otherwise bleak period of Flyers history -- ignoring the hopes of a young Lindros -- and was the driving force that allowed the Flyers to get LeClair and Desjardins.

Recchi ranks high in the NHL stats... and many of those stats were in O&B... To honor Recchi and in doing so in essence capture him for the Flyers can only be good for the Organization, IMO.

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